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Intuitive Energy Healer 


Jane is a born Empath and Intuitive Energy Healer and combined with her life experiences she is now helping individuals and also dogs heal their emotions.

Jane’s unique skills will have you letting go of old emotions that might have you feeling like you are stuck and not sure why? Jane has realized that her true purpose is to support people and help them restore the mind, body and spirit and enhance their true authentic self.

Through the years Jane has excelled in her profession from Practice Manager to a Plastic Surgeon, Personal Assistant to Company Directors and even a successful Property Developer.

Jane realised that one of her passions is to de-clutter homes/offices to help release stuck energy caused by hidden emotions.  Then with her love of dogs, went on to become an accredited dog groomer with an ability to heal your dog at the same time.

Sometimes you can call me a wounded healer, which means I have experienced trauma but have also dealt with the repercussion of such events to now be able to use my experiences and unique gift to help others.

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