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What is Healing

Healing Services

During your Intuitive Energy Healing session you will be able to sit in a supportive environment and discuss what comes to the forefront which will usually be the exact emotion that requires attention.  Sometimes it is something that you didn't realise is affecting your daily life.  

Each session is different and energy can be transferred to help you with clearing your blockages. No judgement. At times all this can be done with a hands off approach although usually there will be some light massage which I feel the physical connection allows you get the most out of your experience.

When you realise that emotions that have been suppressed by other substances (alcohol, drugs, bad relationships) then you start to understand how addressing these emotions will help you change the way you look at experiences and learn to love who you are and you don't need to look elsewhere or lay blame for how you feel.

My aim is to have you love who you are and understand that you have your own unique qualities that make you the special person you were born to be.

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