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Couples Relationship Healing

Working with couples to create a special loving relationship 

I believe that we should start working on the intimacy in our relationships from the beginning so that we set the foundations for a long and fulfilling relationship.  Imagine knowing that you have the mindset to always think of your partner in loving ways and know that everyday you touch each other with the love you both deserve.


Yes I also talk about ways to ensure that there is intimacy between you.  Learn how to talk to each other without feeling judged or embarrassed.  Have you asked your lover what they fantasise about, or what it might be that they need to feel truly loved.  

Time to create a loving world where we are all content in being with each other and don't look for something outside of your relationship.  It's all there when we know how to communicate and feel about each other.  

Working with your partner to ensure that you have a healthy loving relationship shows each other how much you are totally invested in your life together.

Keep the focus on how wonderful it feels to be with the person you love and enjoy the comfortable feeling of knowing your are supported.

Session: 60 minutes.   $250

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