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Dog Healing

Energy healing can help to recharge an animal's batteries and can work on a physical, emotional, and behavioral level. Animals are receptive to healing as they have no preconceived ideas. An animal just allows it to happen and doesn't know what it's going to feel.

A healer senses and feels with the animal, senses all parts of the body and feels where healing is needed.

It is claimed that intuitive healing can help animals recover from injury and illness, strengthen muscles, take away pain, boost confidence, help with stress, support animals suffering from bereavement, and help make the transition into death less traumatic for dog and owner.

We've all got energy around our bodies, with intuitive healing we feel where the energy is moving and can sense where there's a block.  


A healer would assess the animal, watching its body language, how it moved, and whether it took an interest in things.


Session: 30 minutes.    $80

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